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Âdem is a twenty five year old boy who graduated from computer enginering department. While he is trying to adapt business life after he graduated, He get himself in a complicated mood, as we all experienced. He want properly, routine lifestyle like everyone have however
the truth is that he can’t get away from his questions which comes from his nature.
In the past Âdem was a sociable adolesent and he clever just like everybody, but nowadays he is getting problems from his cleverness that like everybody have. He don’t want to get in everyday life tempo before finding his question’s answers, he afraid to forget the questions and leave them without answers.
He want to live in social environment without problems with getting more simple, actually this is the only problem he have…
The movie, Adam tells Adem’s consious dilemma that he have in his life. The character of Âdem; in movie universe, make a reflect a image from fathers, mothers, friends and adolesents who similar to him.
Is it right for a human to keep distance from society, live alone to express himself/herself?
While living in society, can a human express himself/herself exactly? Or is the important one, living which instant inner mood, all society and place notions are they not important to tidy up this personel situations?
While Âdem searching answer for his questions; with movie universe, we are going back to our origin when our questions occured. We are thinking deeply in metaphorical level that did we can ask these questions to ourselves or we just asked and hid them in the backgrounds.
Don’t try to find an answer that you can make it general in the movie; because just asking the question is the important one.
Answer; allready the question’s itself…